Medisol introduces a range of temperature controlled containers for storage and transportation of vaccines and temperature sensitive products.

This solution provides highly secure storage and transport of temperature sensitive products at refrigerated temperature range of 2-8°C.

The total capacity of each container is 40 m3 and up to 10 modules can be connected to form a maximum capacity of 400 m3 at your chosen destination. The system is fully validated and complies with GDP guidelines. Continuous monitoring of the container is included as standard. Transport of the container during operation is made possible by the onboard duty/standby power generators. Once at the destination the container can be connected to the local grid supply and the onboard generators become dedicated for backup power.

The cold chain monitoring device installed in each freezer provides continuous and real time information about location, temperature, and shocks, even during transport. The information can be viewed from any internet enabled device and is compliant with FDA 21CFR Part 11 and ensures data integrity. Real time alarms for temperature, shock or location events are sent immediately by email or SMS should they occur.

This solution from Medisol provides secure ultra-low temperature storage with the added flexibility of being suitable for road haulage.

The storage system is available to rent or purchase and you can even store your products in the system at our facilities.

Low Temperature Storage for Vaccines and Temperature Sensitive Products
Low Temperature Storage for Vaccines and Temperature Sensitive Products